Sitemap - 2023 - Sustainability by numbers

Are global harvests keeping pace in a warming world?

We have enough minerals for the energy transition, but medium-term supply is a challenge [Part 2]

We have enough minerals for the energy transition, but medium-term supply is a challenge [Part 1]

How much waste do solar panels and wind turbines produce?

The world has enough minerals for low-carbon electricity

The low-carbon energy transition will need less mining than fossil fuels, even when adjusted for waste rock

Can solar and wind power Britain? An update of David MacKay’s numbers

Electrification is efficiency: The world will need less energy after the transition

Meat substitutes need to get a lot cheaper

Net-zero: it’s not just where you end up, but how you get there that matters

How much biofuel would we need to decarbonise aviation?

How much does aviation contribute to climate change? How will this change in the future?

My TED Talk is now live

How much more electricity will the UK need to switch to electric vehicles?

Biofuels: the US could switch to electric cars and solar power on just a fraction of the land

Anger, sadness, guilt, hope: on the complex emotions of climate change

Do electric vehicles reduce air pollution?

If the UK has lots of renewables, why do electricity prices follow gas prices?

Is deforestation falling in the Amazon?

The future of low-carbon heating is heat pumps

How bad are the wildfires in Greece this year?

Is cobalt the 'blood diamond of electric cars'? What can be done about it?

The weighty issue of electric cars [Part 2]

The weighty issue of electric cars [Part 1]

Which US states have the cleanest electricity? [Interactive slide deck]

Canadian wildfire update: it’s already a record year

Most of the energy you put into a gasoline car is wasted; this is not the case for electric cars

Interactive slide deck: explore global data on EV sales, stocks and charging points

Electric cars: are countries going fully electric, or do people prefer plug-in hybrids?

Will it be a record year for Canadian wildfires? How are they changing over time?

Are plant-based milks healthier or less nutritious than cow’s milk?

Do people think ‘plant-based yoghurt’ comes from a cow, or are lobby groups crying over spilt milk?

The world is not going to pass its 1.5°C warming target in the next few years, but it's a signal of what's to come

Electric cars don't work as well in the cold, but they still work very well

Not the End of the World: My book is now available to pre-order in the UK

Electric cars are the new solar: people will underestimate how quickly they will take off

Europe and China are moving quickly on electric cars; the rest of the world is lagging behind

The world likes big cars, the data don’t lie 🎶

Bigger, heavier, more efficient: A deep-dive on cars in the United States

Climate deniers and climate doomers are more alike than they’d like to think

Which countries have ‘enough’ public chargers for electric cars?

How long does it take to build a nuclear reactor?

Who has contributed most to global warming?

Life Update: Climate Optimism, TED Talk and Book Edits

Is the world approaching 'peak fertilizer'?

Why “my country only emits 1% of emissions” is no excuse for rich countries to not tackle climate change

China uses as much cement in two years as the US did over the entire 20th century

The end of range anxiety: how has the range of electric cars changed over time?

China is adding solar and wind faster than many of us realise: three charts that put it in perspective

How much space would we need to store the world’s plastic in landfills?

BP thinks global oil demand peaked in 2019: this is an important signal for the energy transition

Electric cars are better for the climate than petrol or diesel

There are many reasons to invest in women's education. Reducing CO₂ emissions isn't one of them.

Mining quantities for low-carbon energy is hundreds to thousands of times lower than mining for fossil fuels

Perfect solutions: the enemy to solving our environmental problems

The mineral monopoly: will low-carbon technology be controlled by a few countries?

Does the world have enough lithium to move to electric vehicles?

Deforestation in the Amazon peaked decades ago. Can we get it to zero?